We teamed up with London based illustrator and designer Melanie Johnsson to have two unique thank you notes. We have paired them up with two dust pink bags for the month of February. We are super obsessed with our postcards and so happy to have worked with Mel. Here is our interview we did with her. 

Summah x Mélanie Johnsson Interview

1. What inspires you to create?

The love for it! Creating makes me happy and that keeps me going. It doesn't matter if it's for a big commission or for a small personal project, I love coming up with ideas, drawing, painting, designing...I wouldn't be doing anything else with my time!

2. What are your favorite colors and mediums to work with?

I always gravitate towards all shades of blue, light pinks, bright reds, earthy colours and sunny yellows...But I love all colours and I like using them all in my personal work. For my clients, I'll always research what colours fit them best or what works best for a specific project, as all colours have a different story and meaning.

3. What keeps you motivated as a creative?

The idea that as a Designer and Illustrator, I'm always learning, always growing, always challenging myself to get better at what I do. I'm also motivated to keep sharing what I do and what I believe in, knowing that it could brighten someone's day or help them through tough times.

4. What is your biggest challenge with being an entrepreneur?

There are a few of them! Freelance life is super challenging but also really rewarding. A few of my biggest challenges have been: not loosing confidence over periods of time when work isn't as busy, not loosing my mind when some clients don't treat me properly, finding a healthy way of sharing and finding work without annoying anyone or seeming desperate, chasing people to pay me...ect. Some challenges are tougher than others, but I'm learning and getting better at freelance life everyday!

5. What inspired you for this collection of thank you cards for Summah?

The wonderful Summah products were so inspiring in themselves, from the textures and the patterns to the beautiful pastel colours...While designing, I had a specific soft summer light in mind, the one you only find at sunrise or at sunset, and those colours! Cape Town has been immensely inspiring to create gorgeous colour palettes and I knew it would fit Summah's mood perfectly.

6. How do you find the industry in London compared to Cape Town?

I actually find them quite similar! Both cities are very creative and full of this one of a kind never-ending energy. I find Cape Town to have a really fresh, handmade and colourful approach to design, which I love!


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