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After years of speaking about visitng the Greek islands, this August, my sister, my boyfriend and myself ventured Santorini.

We booked a spontaneous little trip a few weeks before we left. My sister flew in from Johannesburg, and stayed with us a couple of days in Istanbul. The three of us then took a one hour flight to Mykonos , where we stayed two nights and then took the two hour ferry ride across to Santorini. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing Santorini from the sea. The glistening deep blue ocean and white dipped hills are a sight worth seeing.

Οία or as the greeks say “IAA”) .The town is full of whitewashed houses carved into the rugged clifftops, overlooking the vast caldera and the ocean as far as the eye can see. The rolling hills are dotted with pink housed walls, blue domes and mostly White facades. Oia is by far the most picturesque village of the islands offering. With the most stunning views of the Caldera, the volcano, the other villages of Santorini and of course the amazing sunsets. Wandering around and getting lost in the maze like alleys of the village.  My sister and I woke up early to go and shoot before the heat was unbearable and walking back to the hotel we found so many hidden streets and gems that not many tourists had gone down to see.

We stayed at the most beautiful little hotel called IKIES which is situated in Oia,. The hotel is situated between ocean and cliffs and has winding roads. ‘The wine makers house” was a spacious two bedroom house that was incredibly well decorated. Our villa had deep green wine bottles that were placed into the walls and  cave like domed shaped roofs. Our own secluded terrace, with a jacuzzi was the perfect spot for uninterrupted cinematic views of the Aegean. This was the most incredible spot to watch sunsets or sip on bubbly ; as well soak up the sun and letting the day slip by with a book in our hands. We all enjoyed lazy afternoons, dipping into the pool, I definitely spent the most time there as my hair by the end of the trip was a little green from the different water.

The restaurants are so lovely, each night we tried something different, but mostly ate seafood. The best seafood restaurant is one in the main city center of Oia where you follow the stairs right down to the sea. We sat along the waterside having wine and mezze and could not have been happier. A Mediterranean diet of feta, fresh juicy tomatoes and calamari for days, with endless cocktails while watching the sunset each and every night from our balcony, was like living in a dream.  

We hired a car for the day and drove around the island, we went to three different beaches but the black beach I was most fascinated by, the volcanic ash in the ocean was something my eyes had never seen.

 Things to do in Oia 

  1. Stay at Ikies, situated in the best location in Oia, close enough to the town but far enough away from the crowds and noise. 
  2. Make sure to book your ferry early and read the reviews. 
  3. Head down to the little fisherman’s wharf to have dinner 
  4. Go for cocktails - pretty much anywhere or bring your own and have sun downers on your balcony
  5. Pack sunscreen – the Greek sun is hot 
  6. Try as many different types of feta and olives as possible, we even brought jars back filled with olives, Kalamata are our favourite. 
  7. Rent a car for a day or two, this way you get to see so much more
  8. Take a hundred pictures but remember to live in the moment too, Oia is honestly one of the most incredible places to holiday in, its pretty romantic and definitely worth seeing once in your life.
  9. walk as much as you can , please do not go on the donkeys.
  10. Pack your Turkish towel, its fast drying, folds up small and is super versatile.

x    S  U M M A H  

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