As summer approaches most of us South Africans are obsessed with being outdoors and making the most of our time and days in the sun. We spent the day with two Cape Town beauties shooting amongst some hidden spots and local favourite hang outs.

We shot this story with Ian Engelbrecht + Olga Kotova + Summerheart swimwear and our Summah friends ; SommerSwim.  Our models who got on like a house on fire and acted like they had been friends for years ;  Kyla + Kayrin (boss models / fanjam model)

Our new collection is inspired by Italian Summer but bringing it back home to chase the sun in the Southern Hemisphere.  We have compiled a list of some of our favourite little spots to take your bikinis and towels down to some of the beaches that Cape Town has to offer. 

Beach spots in Cape Town summer : 

One of our favourite thing about the Atlantic seaboard beaches are the endless supply of frozen lollies (popsicles) by the most charming sellers on the beach catching your eye and ear with their way to sell you anything. "A lolly to make you jolly" is a good way of understanding South African summers.  

1. Llandudno famous for its gorgeous spread out beach, it is one for the surfers and beach babes. The beach is surrounded by vast beautiful colourful umbrellas and hidden boulder rocks for those that want shade. This beach is perfect for tanning. A similar beach to Llandudno is Clifton beach 1 - 4th beach 

2. Camps Bay, is probably one of the most populated beaches, engulfed with tanned bodies, fit youngsters and kids splashing all day in the freezing Atlantic ocean. This beach has the whitest sand and a selection of rolling waves that make it an ultimate swimming beach. 

3. Our friends  Kyla + Kayrin spent the day strolling around Camps Bay beach, lounging on Llandudno and then we headed down to the rock pools of Camps Bay where we splashed around after having lunch on the Camps Bay strip- where all the restaurants are situated

4. We then made our way to one of our personal favourite spots, Barley Beach, which is a secluded pebble beach where everyone in summer heads to to escape the crowds and chaos. 

5. Do not forget to use sunscreen as the Cape Town sun is pretty fierce, you'll thank us later. 

6. Get all your friends down to the beach to celebrate the beauty of life and live as much in the moment as you can, creating memories that will last you a lifetime. 

X   S U M M A H 


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